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Mounted and Unmounted Stamps

Stamping, Scrapbook and
Craft Accessories

383 Benton Avenue • Winslow • Maine • 04901• 207.873.5249


AS OF DEC. 31, 2014

Many, many thanks for your patronage over the past 14 years.  However, it's time for me to move forward to the next chapter in my life -- retirement and more time with/for family, friends, and myself.  

If you're interested in purchasing the Silver Fox Stamps equipment/products for making stamps, and/or mounted/unmounted inventory, please contact me by March 9, 2015 (see phone and email listed above).

Over the years, I've acquired quite a personal collection of stamping/scrapbooking/crafting tools and products.  I'm looking to downsize, so if you're interested in a detailed list, contact me by March 9, 2015 (see above for email and phone).

                                       Continue creating!

                                       Sheila Bacon